Breast Enhancement: Fenugreek + Saw Palmetto + Wild Yam

Many women and even those who are gay guys wish to grow a bigger, fuller and natural looking breast which is why there are tons of products available in the market these days that could help them out.

With tons of products to choose from, it is always important that people would know more about it before trying out to ensure that the product is safe to use or not.

To those who wish to know more about these things, here are some of the bad effects brought about by Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam:

  • Fenugreek is commonly used as a spice when cooking but it is also a popular herbal medicine. The good thing about it is the fact that it could help people in terms of lowering the blood levels of a diabetic person, it is also known to treat kidney stone and help people cope with constipation. The thing is, the more people take it the more dangerous it could get especially for women who are pregnant since it can induce contractions. This is good only if taken with caution. To those who wish to take it to have bigger boobs is sure to take a small amount so as to avoid further side effects.
  • In terms of Wild Yam, it is usually associated to treat women problems, such as menstrual cramps as well as treating the symptoms of menopause. It is also a great way to help treat depression for those people who have a history of depression as well as hormonal imbalance. According to most medical professionals, people should not take much wild yam has tons of side effects when used inappropriately.
  • Saw palmetto is known to boost an anti-androgen, anti-estrogen and estrogen effect which is why it is a favorite amongst the many men and women who wish to have bigger breasts. This herb is mostly used by people who have hormonal imbalance. This product is also known to have effects in the prostate or might contribute to hormone-related cancer. This is the reason why it is not that promoted well as its effects are not purely proven to offer great results.

  • Another thing associated to these herbs is the fact that it can induce bleeding since it has properties that may affect the effectiveness that contraceptives offer. Women who use such might be prone to suffer from miscarriage.

With the side effects that these products have, it is important that people check out what medications whether oral or herbal before they consider taking these things to ensure safety and to make sure that these could help people and not really offer them diseases or bad effects.

In terms of breast enhancement, women should just stick with creams as these do not have many side effects since these are topical creams which are great alternatives to help women grow bigger breasts.

Consider the information provided so as to guide women before making a decision about considering these options for breast enhancement purposes.

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